Early school leaving is a hot topic in all European countries. A high percentage of students show a low motivation towards school and sometimes difficulties in staying inside it. Very often this negative reaction is due toA BAD QUALITY OF THE SCHOOL INCLUSIVE PLAN.

This transnational strategic partnership is aimed at developing initiatives to promote young peoplesí social inclusion and well-being through the improvement of their key-competences and skills at school and a revision and strengtheness of the teaching professions (referred to annex 5 and annex 6 Guide for Experts).

We would like to elaborate an ORGANIC PROTOCOL FOR THE INCLUSION OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS in the schools involved (France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Latvia and Turkey ) with the aim to change attitudes, approaches and methodologies inside our schools. The project implies a detailed examination of how the obstacles to learning and to each studentís participation can be overcome. The inclusive development of schools is based on a research procedure which has the purpose of promoting a serious school self-assessment and self-development.

The partnership will work having as a scientific framework the proposal for the school inclusive development defined in the INDEX FOR INCLUSION by Booth and Ainscow, published in 2000 and in few years become a pillar in the international sphere for the development of the inclusive planning in school contexts. The Index is a supportive resource to the inclusive school development. It is a full document which can help find the different steps towards the school inclusion. It offer a plan which supports the self analysis and development and it is based on the ideas teachers, principals, school community, parents and students have got about their school. It will be a three year-long project and it will go on through the 5 phases of the developmental process inside "Index for Inclusion".

1. Starting using Index,
2. Analysis of school,
3. Elaboration of an inclusive developmental project
4. Realization of priorities
5. Revision of the process with the Index

The European Teachers will work together in order to build European Inclusive Schools. All the school involved share all the problems described, but each one of them has developed a special ability in some peculiar aspects of the Special Educative Needs, not only because of the everyday labour in facing them, but even why National Governments have spent money in assuring local training aimed at offering tools to help schools to prevent and to get better and better. In this way we can "exploit" other European competences, but also other European training sessions previously paid by National Governments in order to meliorate teaching profession.

For this reason we have decided that teachers and principals will meet for having learning, teaching and training activities altogether in the field on which the host Country is more specialized

The learning, teaching and training activities will be carried out by specialized teachers working in the schools of the partnership . The host school coordinator will tutor the training session so that the activities can be interactive and learner-centred. Video and audio materials will be provided and produced so that the learning, teaching and training sessions can be shared in the schools of the partnership among all the teacher community. It will be an INCLUSIVE way of teaching and learning.

The partnership will produce an intellectual output which will be disseminated in the European context thanks to a clear dissemination plan.

As regards the organigramm of the project, we have individualized different roles and professionalities. All of them are necessary to develop the strategic project:

Management Group: Made up by all the school headmasters of the partnership (9 people)
Scientific Committeee: Made up by the coordinators of the project, that sometimes coincide with the headmasters (9 people)
Teacher Trainers Group: Made up by local teachers who have developed experiences in Inclusive lessons for peculiar special needs
Trainees: Made up by groups of teachers who will attend the Learning, Teaching and Training sessions
School Keepers: To do the cleaning and open the schools during the partners' visits
Administative staff for carrying out all the financial activities
Students to take part into the activities and mobilities

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