Sanlıurfa is in the south-east part of Turkey. Our city is an agricultural city so its economy is not in a high rate value. Although our school is established in a city centre, the financial profile of our families are in low. We have a school with 890 students. Some of our students are staying in dorms or with their relatives because of their family living in villages.

This project will help our students to observe different cultures and students at the same age. We have a lot of students who do not have any chance to go out even away from Sanliurfa. We will motivate our students to learn a foreign language. This project will also help us to share our experience, culture and school, and this will supply an increasing in the sense of understanding the European dimension.

Our students need to learn how to identify themselves and to understand the different values. So, this project will also help our students to eliminate prejudice and to form self confidence and toleration. This project will also supply the improving of the collaboration and cooperation aspect.

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