Our gymnasium is situated in a small town Jieznas, in the south of Lithuania. The school is attended by 327 students. Among our students there are 45 children that live in Jieznas orphanage but attend lessons and different clubs in our school. In the school there are 9% of the students with learning difficulties and 15% of the students from incomplete families.

The economical situation is quite difficult in our town because last year unemployment rose to its highest level and it is one of the highest in all Prienai region at the moment. The school provides free coursebooks for all students and free meals for those in need. We have got a lot of students that have not any possibility to travel and to visit other cities and countries.

This project will help our students to observe different cultures , will provide educational, social and cultural experience. The positive international experience will help to overcome prejudices against foreigners, disabled and homeless people, enhance the learning process and contribute to the development of international competence. This project will also help to broaden horizons and provide teachers and students a unique opportunity to extend the perspectives of their normal working and learning lives.

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