Our group of schools is located in Coimbra, a middle-sized city in the center of Portugal. It is formed by 11 schools and we have students from 3 to 15 years old, attending our nursery schools (3-5 years old), primary schools (6-10 years old) and lower secondary schools (11-15 years old).

The schools serve a mixed population, where some of the students are of medium-high income and cultural level and some are of low income and low cultural level. The schools are continuosly working on new ideas and different strategies to adapt itself to deal with this diversity. Many students don't live in the area of our school and they come to this school because it's near to their parents' or relatives' workplace.

The schools’ aims are helping students reach their potential at academic level, while at the same time offering activities that address the diverse skills and interests of our students, such as The Music Club, The Theatre Group or the Sports Club. We have a wide variety of students in our school. There are many students with special needs (about 10%), all of them having specific problems, from dislexia to down syndrom and autism. The Resource Centre for Special Education - Coimbra is located in our school.

There are special-need teachers to work with the severely disabled students and some assistants, as well. We also have students from other countries, 3,5%, namely from Brasil, Angola and Mozambique, but also from China, Romania and Hungary, who learn Portuguese as a second language, as well as students of gipsy origin.

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