Our school is situated in Cenon, in a suburb of Bordeaux, in the Southwest of France. Around the middle school (college in French), there are buildings and detached houses.

The pupils are between 11-16 years old. There are 530 students and 70 students of SEGPA (Section of Adapted General and Professional Education) where students are detected as being in great difficulty.

In the other students’ classes, some students also have difficulties. On average, 2 to 3 pupils by class are dyslexics. 13 pupils who are mentally disabled attend school.

They are included in the general classes or in SEGPA according to the subjects. We also have pupils coming from abroad (Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Portugal, Africa).

The difficulties of the students are generally in French and Math. Families are 57 % socially disadvantaged.

There are 3 administrative personnels, 3 of the management, 50 teachers, 3 helpers (assistants) for the handicaped children, 7 supervisors (guards), 1 part-time nurse, 1 part-time social worker, 10 agents for the housework, the maintenance and the canteen.

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