To whom will you disseminate the project results inside and outside your organization? Please define in particular your targetaudience(s) at local/regional/national/EU level and motivate your choice.

We will use different approaches and forms to announce and share the results and the experiences of the partnership. Firstly the results and experiences will be shared, discussed and assessed during regular meetings within the project. The outcome of the project will be put on the website we are going to create for the project.

Secondly the results will be presented at meetings with other schools, institutions and parts of the community that are not involved in the project. They will also be invited to Open Days at school with exhibitions about the project once every year of the partnership along with new students and parents. The main idea is to show that the partner schools have something interesting and creative to offer within the EU community.

Thirdly, the project will be promoted in school magazines in each of the partner schools as well as in the local newspapers, radio and TV channels, school platforms and Facebook. And we must not forget E-twinning platform which will be used to share the ongoing products elaborated together. The mutual website page will be ways to disseminate the information, results and activities not only with the partners but with anyone who might be interested in it. There will be a conference with all the project coordinators, teachers and students in each time we will meet abroad and one final multiplier events in Sassari again.

Once the project is finished the partner schools will continue contacts and exchanges. As regards the diffusion of praxis and criteria we will organize workshops inside the Erasmus plus framework at local and national level. Who will be responsible for the dissemination activities within your partnership and which specific expertise has it in this area? Howmany resources will you make available to allow for the proper implementation of your dissemination plans?

The Italian school principal has been coordinating Socrates and LLP Projects since 1996. She has taken part into different study visits for Decision Makers, has published some books on didactic topics, s uch as CLIL, has taken part as researcher in the transnational project Lingua A PEC Valencia n ° 95 - 03 - I890/E - IB Training of Primary School Teachers of English aimed at the creation of a CD for the self - training and long life learning of primary school En glish teachers.

For this reason the Italian School will be responsible for the general framework of the dissemination activities. Each partner school will be responsible for advertising it at local level. Local conferences will be held with the presence of all partners each time we will meet physically and they are useful tools to ensure successful dissemination, whereas the last meeting in Italy is a combination of conference and workshops. That means that a part from the theoretical framework we will pres ent more specialized and focused interactive activities to show how the path to the inclusive school have been carried out.

What kind of dissemination activities do you intend to carry out (relevan ce) and through which channels?

1. Public workshops informat ion in each partn er’s website and E - twinning

2. Elaboration and description of leaflet to promote the m eetings abroad and seminars.

3. Implementation of the final multiplier event in Italy.

4. Articles, News to promote the Project.

5. Open access to materials, documen ts and output on school websites, project website, E - twinning.

6. Application of the protocol and the inclusive techniques in the workshops inside the Erasmus+ framework at local and national level.

7. Project Posters.

8. Creation of a logo to give a visu al identit y to the Project.

9. Publication on the project website of best pr actices and survey results.

10. Local dissemination through open days in our schools duri ng the transnational meetings.

Erasmus+ promotes an open access requirement for all materials produ ced through its projects. In the case your project is producingintellectual outputs/ tangible deliverables, please describe if and how you intend to promote the free access for the public, through the internet, to a digital form thereof. In case a limitati on should be foreseen for the use of the open licence, please specify the reasons, extent a nd nature of this limitation. The output will be at disposal in the website of the project and in the website of the 9 schools involved in the project. We will publ ish it in the E - twinning platform, as well. A certain amount of copies will be distributed during the open days and the multiplier event. We want to create an E - book collecting all the d ifferent parts of the output. How will you ensure that the project's results will remain available and/or will be used by others? The schools involved in the project are willing to be inserted in the list of school for the study visit for decision makers and the book we want to publish will be disseminated in the schools o f the province of each country involved.The book will be presented in each single school with local seminar in which students and teachers will offer evidence of the job carried out and the results obtained. Open access to materials, documents and output o n school websites, project website, E - twinning.

The materials and documents used to present the book and the workshop activities will be provided for dissemination to all the people present at the seminars. If relevant, please provide any other meaningful information deemed necessary to give a comprehensive overview of yourdissemination plans. The strategy for the dissemination - valorizationactivities will be not a static one. We will change it and adapt it according to the project progress and new challeng ing, even if it we will follow as guideline the decisions made and already stated in this formula.

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